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Exactly, that's our strength - just as you will have found us you can be found online.

An own new internet site / URL is becoming increasingly important for smal URL is becoming increasingly important for small businesses and sole traders. Since there is no way around it to potential customers in an easy and inexpensive way to reach. Besides, you are planning for a lot of money advertising in newspapers and magazines to be placed.

People of today informed primarily on the Internet and this is about the most common search engine
(80% search on Google - see Statistics 2012) The price structure for the production of a site is unfortunately very unclear and fast even exceed the cost of producing new and original website the limit of CHF 4'000. -. , The continuing costs of maintaining and Hosting, the continuing costs of maintaining and hosting the website yet included.

If you are a small company or a private company operate or cause or for private purposes in devising a new homepage / website the most used in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) also found on the first page of the selection, or to assess the current running costs for my website is too high, you are exactly right.
Together we work out your new home or take over the active site of their publishers, if you are not satisfied with the current situation. They bring the expertise and for the descriptive text and the right keywords (keywords / keywords), and we know how the new and custom home to be built, so that in time the Searchengines will find your homepage. This we have proven many times.
Part of the cost will also be charged accordingly until your website appears on the first page of Google search result page! Here is a list of 3 WEBSITER sites which, with the listed keywords on the first page (often in the first 3 proposals) are listed by search engines - This is called measurable results:
Homepage: The mountain hut from Switzerland
Homepage: The tailor's shop on Lake Zurich Homepage: Das Stickertauschportal







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